This website is for healthcare professionals only. It is intended to make information accessible, simple to use and is fully referenced.

Aim-The objective is to cover a topic on one screen and streamline complex topics into easily comprehensible, lucid sections. One topic is covered in one A4 sized page – A4 Medicine.

When dealing with clinical situations we can sometimes have multiple sources of reliable information but accessing that is not always easy. This is where the A4Medicine project comes in to provide to the point practical reliable information which is quickly accessible. The guidelines are reviewed and presented as useful visuals which are concise, easy to use and practical.

The smart tiles ( units of information ) individually or inter-connectedly, allow information to flow smoothly. This empowers the charts to be focused and concise. The aim is to integrate pathophysiology with the disease process rather than treating them as separate entities.

This aids understanding and helps retain the information.The topics are generally addressed in the following manner

  • Introduction / Background
  • Assessment ( Focused history and examination )
  • Management
  • Patient links or tools where applicable


Interactive – A4 Medicine allows you to participate in the the process of chart development. You can comment or edit and report an error using the comment box. The feature also allows you to upload any material that you may like to share. This is based on ‘ Open source ‘ principle allowing any registered member to inspect , modify and enhance a chart.

LINKS AND RESOURCESis a new section under development. Each topic will have a verified links and resources area- which has  links containing PILs or information about further education / charities/ support groups / evidence. Each link is tested and verified and can help you and the patient make an informed choice.Also look out for the various disease severity /scoring systems / questionnaires which you can use to use to highlight the problem when making a referral to secondary care.
( This section is just before references so close the chart and scroll down to the bottom to access)

Editing – Medicine is an ever-evolving and changing field with new evidence and management practices which emerge constantly. A4 Medicine welcomes every user to participate in the process and help make the site even more useful for all. If you have special expertise on a particular topic may be it’s time to use the scholarship for betterment of patient care by dispensing your skill here.The comments posted and ideas to edit once submitted would be reviewed by the author. They are not visible to  others and the author would communicate with you directly to engage with your suggestion.

Target audience -The website is focused on the needs of the General Practitioners and Primary care workers in the United Kingdom. Family medicine across the globe , leaving minor alterations works on same basic principles . The British General Practice is one of the most advanced and principles of management discussed here can be easily and safely used in almost any primary care setting.

CPD Tracker- Once registered with the website, you can demonstrate CPD activity by using this section. The tracker records the pages that you have visited. This can be exported as an excel sheet. This information can be used for eg in the appraisal process.

Topics covered-This is an evolving project. You will notice that not all sections have been completed, this is a work in progress. As of September 2019 more than 220 common primary care topics have been reviewed and new topics are being added.

History – A4 Medicine was frst published in June 2016. Since then it has been growing steadily and now attracts over 2000 active users every month. More than 350 members are registered with the site now.

Author –I work as a GP in South Wales . Originally from India, I gained qualification as a doctor from Odessa and completed GP Vocational Training from Swansea . My interest is in simplifying evolving technologies into practical usable and affordable medical tools which help in improving patient care.

Feedback-We encourage you to visit the site regularly to check for new topics. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are up-to-date and correct. We encourage you to write to us or leave a comment if you notice any discrepancy.

Membership -the website if free to register and allows you to take full advantages of the website. As a member you can edit and post comments and make use of the CPD tracker. Every new member strengthens the website and increases our resolve to keep providing quality medical education freely. 

It always seems impossible until it is done
Nelson Mandela


Dr Rahul Srivastava
MD Physician, MRCGP ( London )
Newport ( UK)
September 2019

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