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Delayed puberty -Quick review chart

Delayed puberty Hypothalamus starts pulsatile GNRG which stimulates pulsatile release of FSH , LH from anterior pituitary. FSH / LH stimulates germ cell maturation , LH produces oestrogen in in girls and testosterone in boys.


Early changes by age 10-13 Girls -budding of breasts , then pubic hair and menstruation starting between 11-14 yrs Girls – growth spurt happens earlier in puberty and about same time as onset of breast development , growth slows down after 1s period Boys- testicular enlargement ( 3-4 mL ) and then pubic hair ( 9-14 yrs ), axillary , facial hairs , deepening of voice Boys grow slowly at start of puberty , accelerate mid puberty and


Delayed puberty – about 95 % of G’s/B’s have commenced puberty by 13 and 14 yrs


Most common cause in more than 50 % of cases is a constitutional delay – Most common cause is a constitutional delay ( Constitutional delay of growth and development CDGP ) which runs in families Functional delay may also happen due to chronic illness ( systemic illnesses as CKD , CCF , chronic lung disease etc ) , excessive physical exercise , malnutrition , eating disorders , prolonged stress Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism ie defect in hypothlamo-pituitary region. Partial or complete GNRH deficiency. Causes can be idiopathic or congenital ( Kallman syndrome – consider if patient c/o anosmia) Acquired causes may be due to drugs , infiltrative , infectious pituitary lesions , hyperprolactinemia , encephalic trauma , pituitary /brain radiation ,alcohol / drug abuse , conditions as haemochromatosis , sarcoidosis 
 Hyper gonadotrophic hypogonadism -primary gonadal failure ( E.g congenital disorders as cryptorchidism , chromosomal disorders Klinefelters , Turners , acquired causes as testicular torsion , chemotherapy , infections , testicular or ovarian surgery ) Both ( secondary to radio / chemotherpay ) Unclassified

Assessment – family history -pubertal timing ( genetic , chromosomal problems ) onset , progression body odour , acne , breast / testicular development history suggestive of any previous sig illness- chemotherapy , radiation therapy orchidopexy , treatment with exogenous steroids for e.g for asthma , nephrotic syndrome eating disorders , recent weight loss h/o viral infections as mumps , lack of smell

Initial testing – Primary 
Care FBC / UE / LFT / TFT , Coeliac screen Hormone profile LH , FSH , FT4 , TSH , prolactin , Estradiol , testosterone Bone age ( X Ray of wrist non dominant hand )


Find Tanner staging and testicular measurement aid in this useful work from Paediatric Pearls Pubertal-stages-and-timings.pdf (


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