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Dermatitis -overview

Here a primary external factor is not responsible for the manifestation -it is mediated by inflammatory processes and pharmacological intervention is required

Atopic eczema / atopic dermatitis most common form of eczema, particularly in children ( occurs in all ages ) chronic disorder presents with generalised skin dryness , itch and rash-favours the skin creases pathology is not well known but it is thought to happen due to a complex interplay between defects in skin barrier function , environmental and infectious agents and immune dysregulation

Asteatotic eczema ( eczema craquele ) also known as xerosis ( dry skin ) starts with dry skin often during winter months leading to skin cracks ( criss-cross pattern which look like crazy paving or a dried-up river bed ) and fissures seen frequently in the elderly

Seborrhoeic dermatitis chronic dermatitis which affects scalp , face , chest , back , axilla and groin ( areas rich in sebaceous glands ) presents as flaky , greasy , erythematous patches inflammatory response to a common skin organism Malassezia 

Nummular ( discoid ) eczema sharply defined , oval or coin shaped , erythematous eczematous plaques often described also by other terms as Pompholyx , dyshidrotic eczema intensely pruritic lesion which can be multiple , symmetrically distributed often affecting the lower limbs followed by upper limbs.

Neurodermatitis – lichen simplex a localised area of eczema due to repeated rubbing or scratching skin is scaly and thick ( hypertrophic ) it can be due to a primary reason for e,g psychological or secondary to other cutaneous issues as eczema or psoriasis

Endogenous vesicular hand ( and foot ) eczema also known as pompholyx , dyshidrotic, vesicular eczema affects hands and feet- often co-exists with atopic eczema intensely itchy vesicles or bullae called pedopompholyx when it affects the feet

Stasis ( gravitational ) dermatitis / Venous eczema due to chronic venous insufficiency inflammatory process often present along with oedema as poorly demarcated erythematous plaques b/l in lower legs clinical manifestations can include erythema , scaling , weeping , crusting , hyperpigmentation , lipodermatosclerosis and ulcerations.

Here a well defined trigger can be identified and removing the cause if possible can achieve remission 

Irritant contact dermatitis more common of the two seen in about 80 % of all contact dermatitis no immune mechanism in play and happens when skin comes in contact with substances and / or environmental factors that injure the skin and damaging the skin barrier seen more often in people with atopic dermatitis- common skin irritants are water , soaps , hand sanitisers

Allergic contact dermatitis when a specific allergy develops and the immune system over-reacts to some substance when they come in contact with the skin delayed allergic reaction triggers can be substances as metals ( e.g.nickel and cobalt ) , latex rubber , adhesives , plants , scents , cleaning agents , solvents , topical medications

Dermatophytide ( Id or Ide reaction ) spontaneous development of widespread dermatitis distant from a local inflammatory focus -autoeczematization ( secondary rashes ) various forms have been described in literature with common ones being e.g distant dermatitis in patients with chronic eczematous leg ulcer , acute vesicular eczema or pompolyx on hand and feet in patients with tinea ( dermatophyte )

Eczematous polymorphic light eruption ( PMLE ) most common of the immunologically mediated photosensitivity dermatoses several variants have been described , a rash develops a few days after exposure to sunlight in spring or summer can affect women particularly age 20-40 in areas as N Europe , considered to be a delayed allergic reaction to Ultraviolet radiation

Infective dermatitis it is as a severe form of recurrent skin changes that present in childhood considered as a cutaenous manifestation of HTLV-1 infection an oozing dermatitis which affects the scalp , face , retroauricular areas , the neck , intertriginous area such as axilla and groin

Post-traumatic dermatitis happening at the sites of chemical , physical , mechanical or surgical trauma

Acute -erythema and moderate to intense degrees of inflammation erosions , oozing and vesicles

Subacute -erythema and scaling redness, swelling , crust , scale , infection

Chronic -from uncontrolled scratching and or continuing irritation lichenification , dark pigmentation and thick papules and plaques


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