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Diverticular disease : diagnosis and management

Diverticular disease- NICE guideline NG147 November 2019

This guidance covers the diagnosis and management of diverticular disease 
in people aged 18 yrs and over. It gives advice on diagnosis, management, referral, how to recognize a complication antimicrobial prescribing choice for primary care clinicians.

This is very welcome guidance from NICE on this topic , where EBM 
guidelines are often difficult to find. The committee has made 
recommendations which should standardise the management of this very common gastro-intestinal condition where management strategies can be controversial. 

This guideline has clear instructions on
○ management of diverticulosis
○ diagnosis and management of diverticular disease
○ acute diverticulitis
○ complicated acute divertculitis
○ CT scanning for diagnosis- contrast CT has been recommended by the 
committee with non-contrast CT, MRI or US as alternatives


NICE guideline NG 147 November 2019 – 2 page summary antimicrobial prescribing

Full guidance

A4Medicine review of Diverticular disease with helpful links to aid management


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