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DS 1500

DS 1500 –Form for patients who are terminally ill ( with cancer and other progressive life limiting conditions ) to rapidly access
 benefits as UC ( Universal credit ) , ESA ( Employment support allowance ) ,PIP ( Personal Independence Payment ) ,
DLA ( Disability Living Allowance ) or AA ( Attendance Allowance ) under what the DWP calls “Special Rules”

Special rules mean the 
person does not 
have to prove how
 much care they need , attend
 for an interview or complete
 a lengthy form/process . Claims are dealt on a priority basis and higher
 rate of benefits are granted

Terminally ill patients who are suffering from a progressive disease and death as a consequence can
 reasonably expected within 6 months.

DS1500 can be requested by patients or their representatives.Patient condition Clinical findings Treatment Date of diagnosis

Ring iON contact center
 on 0845 850 0475
 Fax on a headed notepaper to 0845 850 0479
 e-mail Can be completed online
 Fast and saves time
 NHS Smartcard needed to access the service
 Click on Launch Digital DS1500 Service and submit online

Complete electronically and submit by using the NHSmail system
 DWP can provide an electronic PDF version of the DS 1500 form and fee form. Following information would be needed

Your e-mail address or addresses
Your surgery/hospital/office postal address and telephone number
A list of medical professionals using the same e-mail address who complete the DS1500 and/or DS1500 fee form 

Please advise where you require the DS1500 and DS1500 fee form, or the DS1500 ONLY Send these details to:- PIP.E-DS1500@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

Links and Resources

Citizens Advice – information for patients on DS1500 form

DWP – Medical reports – A guide to completion ( includes a section on DS 1500 )

Marie Curie has a useful section for benefits for people with a terminal illness


  1. DWP factual medical reports : guidance for healthcare professionals accessed via
  2. Suffolk County Council DS 1500 Explained


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