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Assessment of raised Ferritin on A4Medicine.

Ferritin is the principal storage protein for iron in tissue and is involved in its uptake , accumulation and release in cells. It is a marker of iron stores ( plasma concentration directly proportional to total iron body stores )

Ferritin concentration correlates well with the amount of iron storage Good marker of of total iron body stores Low ferritin value provides absolute evidence of iron deficiency Elevated ferritin may reflect iron overload but will be increased in
♦ liver disease
♦ inflammation ( acute or chronic )
♦ chronic alcohol consumption
♦ renal failure
♦ metabolic syndrome
♦ malignancy
 Conc > 300 µg/L in men and > 200 µg/L in women is considered raised

Check Transferrin saturation in unexplained cases-
 most useful test to determine true iron overload from other causes

Normal transferrin saturation usually excludes conditions of 
iron overload

Saturation > 45 % has a sensitivity of 94 % & a PPV of 6 % for hereditary haemochromatosis


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