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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Quick revision card

WHO- GDM can be diagnosed any time during pregnancy. NICE- assess for risk factors and test if needed. One step 75 g oral glucose tolerance test at 24 -28 weeks of gestation

Risk factors –BMI of > 30 Previous macrosomic baby weighing 4.5 kg or more Previous gestational diabetes Family h/o diabetes ( 1st degree relative with diabetes ) Family origin with a high prevalence of diabetes
○ S Asian particularly if family origin from India , Pakistan or Bangladesh
○ Black Caribbean
○ Middle Eastern (particularly if family origin from Saudi Arabia , UAE , Iraq , Jordan , Syria , Oman , Quatar , Kuwait , Lebanon or Egypt )

Commonest medical complication of pregnancy Associated with excess fetal growth & adiposity with subsequent risk of birth trauma , hypertensive disorder of pregnancy Increased 35 % to 60 % of developing diabetes mellitus over 10-20 yrs period after pregnancy Marker of premature CV risk in women.


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