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Headache – assessment

Worsening headache with fever sudden onset headache reaching max intensity within 5 minutes new-onset neurological deficit new onset cognitive dysfunction change in personality impaired level of consciousness recent ( typically within last 3 months ) head trauma
headache triggered by cough , Valsalva or sneeze headaches triggered by exercise orthostatic headache ie with change in posture if symptoms suggest giant cell arteritis symptoms and signs of acute narrow angle glaucoma as
○ headache with a painful red eye and misty vision or haloes
○ nausea ( in some cases ) a substantial change in characteristic of their headache.


compromised immunity , caused for e,g by HIV or immunosuppressive medications age under 20 and h/o malignancy a h/o malignancy known to metastasize to brain vomiting without obvious cause


frequency , duration and severity associated symptoms all prescribed , OTC medications use to relieve headaches possible precipitants relationship of headaches to menstruation

Reference – Headaches in over 12 : diagnosis and management


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