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Hyperaldosteronism – Quick revision chart

Primary aldosteronism – Overproduction of the hormone aldosterone that leads to suppression of renin and influx of potassium , resulting in hypertension and hypokalemia ( and hypomagnesemia )

Excess production of the adrenal glands – can present as a primary tumor of the gland called as Conn’s syndrome or b/l adrenal hyperplasia


Mineralocorticoid excess- Excess production of the adrenal glands – can present as a primary tumor of the gland called as Conn’s syndrome or b/l adrenal hyperplasia


hypertension + inappropriately high aldosterone production , relatively autonomous from the renin-angiotensin system and non suppressible by Na loading affects 5 % to 15 % of hypertensives most common cause of 2ary hypertension initially described by Conn as hypertension / severe hypokalemia & mild hyponatremia Studies have now shown that only a minority of patients with PA present with hypokalemia and normokalemic hypertension is a more common presentation


unilateral aldosterone producing adenoma ( APA )Conns syndrome, b/l idiopathic hyperplasia primary U/L hyperplasia familial causes


Screening – high risk populations , patients with resistant hypertension , hypertension & spontaneous or diuretic induced hypokalaemia , hypertension and an adrenal mass , or hypertension & a family h.o early onset HT or CV accident at a young onset, hypertension & sleep apnoea


Testing – Serum ( or ) plasma aldosterone & plasma renin Aldosterone -to-renin ratio ( ARR )


Clinical suspicion of PA / tests ( e.g low renin and raised aldosterone ) refer endocrinology or to hypertension specialists


Secondary aldosteronism – Hypertensive as renal artery stenosis , aortic coarctation 
 Normotensive as in Gittleman’s syndrome , Barttler’s synd


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