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Hypoparathyroidism -Quick revision chart

Metabolic disorder in which hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia occur either due to a failure of the parathyroid glands to secrete sufficient amount of biologically active PTH or from an inability of PTH to appropriately induce a biological response


major regulator of calcium and phosphate metabolism Secreted primarily in response to low calcium PTH raises free calcium ( sensing via Calcium sensing receptor ) by
○ increasing reabsorption from kidneys
○ release of calcium from the skeleton
○ increasing calcium absorption from intestine by increasing the synthesis of calcitriol


Parathyroid gland injury due to surgery
 / inadvertent removal is the most common cause.


Autoimmune ( 2nd most common cause ) , genetic variants
( e,g DiGeorge synd ) , infiltrative ( e,g granulomatous disease , haemochromatosis ) , metastatic , radiation , mineral deposition , magnesium deficiency / excess or idiopathic


clinical presentation ( hypocalcemia ) inappropriately low PTH in presence of hypocalcemia


enquire about h/o thyroid , head & neck surgery , radiation family h/o hypocalcemia check for Chvostek & Trousseau’s sign presence of other autoimmune conditions any condition predisposing to hypomagnesemia further testing can include
○ total corrected calcium corrected for albumin
○ PTH , phosphorus , magnesium , Us/Es and Vit D , LFT
○ 24 hr urinary calcium.


patient with chronic HypoPT may have lower QoL , muscle complaints as fatigue , weakness , more anxiety and tendency to depression increased risk of renal complications such as renal stones , renal insufficiency and higher risk of needing dialysis higher risk of seizures ectopic calcification in kidneys and brain.


One of the few endocrine illnesses in which the hormonal deficiency is not treated by the substitution of the hormone itself


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