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Insulin chart

A chart describing the types of insulin, manufacturers, devices and duration of action. This chart has been reproduced unedited. It provides information which can be useful when dealing with patients on insulin for the non-experts.

Rapid-acting insulins Insulin Aspart , Insulin Lispro , Insulin Glulisine

Short-acting insulins- Insulin-soluble/ neutral

Intermediate-acting insulins-Isophane insulin

Long-acting analogue insulins -Insulin Detemir, Insulin glargine, Insulin Degludec

Mixed Insulins-biphasic- Biphasic insulin aspart ( analogue ), biphasic insulin Lispro ( analogue), biphasic isophane insulin

 Chart uploaded from Diabetes org uk website using search term -Insulin chart . The chart is up to date as of January 2019 as per Published unedited under ” Fair use” considerations for educational use.


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