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National Early Warning Score (NEWS) 2

The NEWS is based on a simple aggregate scoring system in which a score is allocated to physiological measurements.
Six simple physiological parameters form
 the basis of the scoring system
 respiration rate oxygen saturation systolic blood pressure pulse rate level of consciousness or new confusion temperature

A score is allocated to each parameter as they are measured, with the magnitude of the score reflecting how extremely the parameter varies from the norm.

The score is then aggregated, and uplifted by
 2 points for people requiring oxygen.

The Royal College of Physicians ( RCP ) recommends that sepsis should be considered in any patient with a NEWS score of 5 or more – ” think sepsis “. However NEWS2 should be used alongside clinical judgement as a high score for some individuals, i.e those at the end of their life may need to be interpreted differently

NEWS2 should not be used in children under 16 or pregnant women

Reproduced from : Royal College of Physicians. National Early Warning Score ( NEWS ) 2 : Standardising the assessment of acute-illness severity in the NHS . Updated report of a working party. London : RCP , 2017


Royal College of Physicians NEWS2

Using MD-Calc

RCGP statement on NEWS2

Evidence of use  NEWS2 – Prognostic accuracy of the Hamilton Early Warning Score ( HEWS) and the National Early Warning Score 2 ( NEWS2 ) among hosipitalized patients assessed by a rapid response team ( Open access )

Reference NHS England NEWS Frequently asked questions via


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