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Pituitary apoplexy – Quick review chart

Pituitary apoplexy Damage to the pituitary gland 
due to reduced blood flow , Infarction or haemorrhage- causes ” sudden death ” of the gland.


tumor expands due to haemorrhage 
( main reason for symptoms ) pressure on the optic nerve or chiasm causes visual manifestations sudden interruption in release of hormone causes hormonal dysfunction


Higher risk pre-existing pituitary adenoma patients are usually unaware of the condition about 5 % with pre-existing adenoma may develop apoplexy bigger the tumor ( macroadenoma ) greater the risk precipitants can be endocrine stimulation tests , bromocriptine or cabergoline treatment , gonadotrophin releasing hormone treatment ,lumbar fusion in prone position ,pregnancy , pituitary irradiation , anticoagulation , thrombocytopenia , erectile dysfunction medications , ↑ or ↓ BP , surgery , infections.


Classic triad
 headache vomiting visual impairment , sudden onset headache located behind the eye change in eye-sight as double vision , restriction of eye movement , hemianopia , ptosis diplopia – extrinsic compression of one or several extraocular nerve drowsiness lack of ACTH -adrenal crisis


Sheehan syndrome -in post-partum women necrosis of the gland following sig bleeding during childbirth presentation is with adrenal insufficiency , hypothyroidism , hypopituitarism


Imaging ( CT , MRI ) Blood tests Lumbar puncture , infectious meningitis cavernous sinus thrombosis migraine stroke hyperemesis gravidarum


neurosurgical emergency urgent treatment /monitoring is required best management -not well defined selected patients – conservative approach 
( wait and see ) trans-sphenoidal surgery to relieve pressure hormone replacement ( if the gland fails to resume normal function )


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