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Polyuria and polydipsia

Drinking more than 3 L / day Urine output of > 50 mL / kg body weight per 24 hrs or also defined as 24 hr urine output of 3 Ltrs or more. frequency of urination nocturia uncontrolled diabetes ( osmotic diuresis ) prostatic hypertrophy medications ( e.g SGLT2 inhibitors , diuretic use ) U & Es Bone profile Blood glucose Urinalysis Paired serum and urine osmolalities 24 hr urine sample Bladder diary. Main differentials once polyuria established.

Primary poydipsia –Excess consumption of fluids -causing polyuria with diluted urine and eventually hyponatremia.

Diabetes inspidus –DI is a rare disorder due to either reduced release of ADH or decreased response to ADH causing electrolyte imbalance.

Nephrogenic –AVP resistance at the level of kidneys certain drugs ( as Lithium ) hypercalcemia hypokalaemia genetic mutations renal disease pregnancy ( placental vasopressinase )

Cranial- insufficient vasopressin ( AVP ) secretion by pituitary AKA neurohypophyseal or neurogenic hypothalamic pituitary damage genetic problems head injury , infections autoimmune / granulomatous disorders pituitary infarction / tumour / surgery Central DI is often idiopathic.


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