The Quality Framework is based on setting standards, approving education settings, monitoring activities including self-assessment and enhanced monitoring, visits, sharing evidence with other regulators and identifying good practice.

Overarching principles of the Framework

The overarching principles below are drawn from our own experience and also best practice in other educational organisations. This will be reviewed on a regular basis. The Framework:

  • is designed to ensure that all education resources are of the highest quality
  • promotes a high standard of education for all medical professionals throughout their careers and thus improve the care of our patients
  • is holistic in nature and encompasses all education resources
  • is informed by trainees
  • is informed by and depends upon peer review by our panel members
  • is reflective, evaluative and based on sound evidence
  • is supported by consistent processes and strategies that are transparent, efficient and authoritative
  • is based where appropriate on the GMC’s standards for education and training
  • is flexible and recognises that education products are subject to different QA processes that have developed over time
  • should not be onerous and should recognise when previously approved education resources are re-packaged, though such proposals should be rigorously examined in case the evidence base has changed or new ideas have emerged.

Quality Assurance Cycle

Our quality framework is based on collaboration and self governance ensuring that
autonomy of our trainers and teachers is maintained. We follow the quality assurance cycle to ensure that our education material is of the highest standard and complying with Good Medical Practice guidance of the GMC.

Dr Vivek Goel


Quality Assurance Director
On behalf of A4Medicine
April 2021

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