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Splenomegaly -Quick revision chart

An enlarged spleen is > 12 – 13 cm in length Usually an incidental finding for e,g on US

weight loss for > 10 % in 6 months night sweats unexplained fever.

FBC Blood film ESR , Clotting screen ,Reticulocytes ( if raised check Direct Antiglobulin test DAT ) U/E , LFT, CRP , Bone profile B12, red cell folate LDH Immunoglobulins , haemoglobinopathy screen , 
autoimmune screen ( ANA , Rh factor ) , serum ACE Infection screen for e,g HIV, Monospot test , hepatitis serology

Spleen enlargement > 15 cm ( likely haemaological condition ) Constitutional symptoms as weight loss , B symptoms or clinical concerns Abnormal FBC ( as cytopenias or cytoses , lymphocytosis or leucoerythroblastic blood film ) , paraprotein , lymphadenopathy Increased LDH , evidence of haemolysis , high WBC , increased platelet count NICE – unexplained splenomegaly USC referral ( cancer NHL )


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